Smoke What Ya' Got

by Avocado Hand Grenade

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released September 11, 2010

Geoff-guitar, vocals
Vix- jarana (primera), vocals
Will- bass
Greg- drums




Frontera Death Folk Edinburg, Texas

Frontera Death Folk is a DIY record label formed by like-minded individuals residing and creating music in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. It is associated with Simply Neci@s and Vicky's 2012 income tax return. We enjoy producing, listening to, and promoting music that encourages freedom of expression, open dialogue, and that has an overall positive message and effect on our community. ... more

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Track Name: Homesick
Breaking bones in my backyard of 100 acres, breaking ground in my garden on my hands and knees. This place that I call home, a paradise I'd like to drop my anchor. Blood, tears, and memories nestled in the trees. Sticks, stones, and broken bones; freedom's such an endeavor. Who would have known? Nothing lasts forever.
Track Name: Best Friend Song
Let's get some beer. It was the last day of July. There was a show in Pharr. We had no money, no ride, no car; just two blunts and two big hearts. I don't remember his name but he gave us a ride half way and because there were mosquitoes outside he gave us some bug spray. Flying on thumbs and flying on blunts, didn't have to ask or fly a sign, some guy named mark gave us ten bucks. We buried a dead hummingbird, you stole a 32, it's times like these that remind me of how much I love you.
Track Name: Fire/Stargazing
There's a fire in the forest and we're gonna watch it burn. The Fuel's our ignorance, the flame's their power. We can not sit and watch this fire for another hour. This capitalist society you call free has taken it all out of me. I've got third degree burns from the forest fire, my body's tired, my body's perspiring. Land of the free, home of the wage slave. Nothing here is free but you can fucking save. Consume what's produced don't complain because the prices stay cheap as long as we're slaves. Feed the fire...

It's a little difficult to tell you how I feel when words don't mean anything. But i'll tell you this, when i look into your eyes it feels like I'm looking at the stars for the very first time. Feels like I can't feel anything on my back in a crater stargazing. The clouds are shape-shifting, the stars are speaking to me, sprawled out on this dirt and green, an empty void and a soul at peace.
Track Name: Why?
Fuck this school, I learn more from the world and its experiences than any other being could teach me. There's an epidemic, it's growing everyday; avian flue, world hunger, and AIDS. The population's growing and so is our disease, if the human race expects to live we better get off our knees. Whatever happend to trial and error? Whatever happend to the wisdom that we traded for our knowledge? 2012 is nearing and deep down inside I hope my ancestors' prophecies are right. Why? It's because knowledge expands as wisdom slows. devastated lands, nothing grows except the population, my pupils' dialation, the suffering of people based on their skin's pigmentation. Severe drought is killing, the basin is dry, your cup is full, and I'm simply asking why can't you sacrifice a little bit of your luxuries so that the rest of us don't fucking die.
Track Name: Already Dead
Livin' life at hyper-speed, don't got time to slow down and think about anything like my life and like how the only thing I'm promised is that I'll die and we're already dead anyway. Some people say the only thing we're promised in life is death and taxes. Well I think those people give taxes too much credit cause we're already dead anyway. Life's too short to dwell on death and we've got to make the most of it cause we're already dead yeah, we're alraedy dead anyway. We're already dead, looking ahead, we're already dead anyway.
Track Name: Pedal To The Crust Metal
Nothing makes me feel more alive than riding my bike that Vicky lost. There is no better way to die than going downhill on a road bike. Pedal to the crust metal. Ride your bike. Pedal to the crust metal. Never lend Vicky you bike (please lend me your bike)!
Track Name: Kitty Mang Song
I haven't mow'n the squat yard in a few weeks. The grass has grown beyond my knees. I hear a rustlin' in the brush. It's a little Kitty Mang at my feet. He does what a Kitty Mang does. If you're in the kitchen he's there. Little Kitty Mang running through the forest picking up the lizards and bringing them in the house (ripping off their face). Kitty is a Mang, Mang is a Kitty, he's a little Kitty Mang.